Adam K. Stinson

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👋  Hi! I’m Adam.
College dropout turned growth hacker and entrepreneur.
One time, I started an AirBnB. That was fun. Still have it.
Let’s see…. What else…..
Oh yeah! Grew some awesome clients along the way!
📱 TikTok
👾 Monster Energy
🏫 Uni. of Delaware
☎️ Five9
🇳🇿 NZ Government


Want to take advantage of my 200+ Growth Hacking Experiments?

🤣 Don’t mind my weird humor over here →
I actually WILL share awesome tactics and strategies for:
📫 Outreach hacks for getting more users
🪄 Getting your customers to sell for you… Automatically.
💁 Create High-Performing UGC content for ads.
🏗️ Systems for consistent and compounding growth.
📜 Lessons from doing $150K in month 1 of EarnFlo
Of course, all with a profits-first mentality.


My Companies

EarnFlo Where we bring to light alternative cash flow investments.
K&J Growth Hackers Where we do all kinds of marketing campaigns.
My Un-Named AirBnB Where we host epic vacays.
Books I think are hot right now